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Base Conqueror is a real-time strategy game set in the now anarchic and chaotic place of Contenia.  Three of the closest generals of the emperor did a military coup against their now former emperor, and have split the former empire into four parts.  Where each part is now at war with one another for complete control of Contenia.  And you, General Peacekeeper, who was the last loyal general of the emperor, will now go and reunite the empire to its former glory.  Starting with your only single base, you will start restoring order to the nearby bases around you and soon begin the fight against your former comrades, to see which one of you will dominate Contenia and become the new emperor.

Game Features

• Randomly generated maps with grassplanes, forests, hills, and mountains that effect base's defense values.

• Real-time strategy where you control and link your bases to form strategies against three AI opponents.

• Sound effects and two songs to accompany your conquest of Contenia.

• Comes with a detailed manual to help perfect your strategic skills.

• Fullscreen and windowed modes.

System Requirements

• A monitor that can do at last a resolution of 1366x768.

• A keyboard and mouse.

• Windows 7 (64-bit) or above.


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the game is great but i really need a quick deselect when playing.

Press the 'w' key to quickly deselect a selected base.  I hope that helps you.

i dont understand how to play the game, can someone tell me how to play it?

(1 edit)

I cannot figure out how it works... I'll get back if I know something

EDIT: I found out how to capture, but It's not really getting to me... What are the sizes of the buildings?

  The size of the base determines the amount of soldiers the base will produce every ten seconds.